Sunglass Brands

Style, performance or protection – whatever your priority we have a wide range of sunglasses to suit all needs; from the latest fashion releases to the specific frames designed for sport.

Whether you only require the guaranteed UV protection of our sunglasses or also need prescription lenses, we are committed to providing you with a wide variety of choice.

Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in selecting the correct frame and will also discuss the benefits of a polarized lens and the various tints now available.

Polarized lenses are capable of absorbing & eliminating blinding glare. Ensures a comfortable level of light, helping to eliminate squinting & eye fatigue while improving visual comfort. Maui Jim incorporates traditional polarized lenses with the latest technology to enable colour, clarity and contrast. Bi-gradient mirror eliminates overhead and reflective glare. It does the “squinting” for you! Anti-reflective back surface catches and absorbs bounce back glare.

Sunglass Frames

Adidas, Anne Klein, Bebe, Chloe, CK, Cole Haan, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dragon, Fitovers, Jag, Lacoste, Mako, Maui Jim, Nautica, Nike, Nine West, Owlet, Police, Salvatore Ferragamo, Zeal